Just who do I think I am teaching a Java course. Well, I’m Bill Krieger. I’m the instructor. So, there! What else is there to say? I have a BS in Computer Science and I'm a Sun Certified Java 2 Programmer. Okay, maybe there’re a few more things I can say.

The early years (The ’70s)

I got my first exposure to computers many decades ago at Surrattsville High School (Go Hornets!) in Clinton, Maryland. It was there that I learned to program using BASIC on an old Honeywell time share system. We’d save our programs on paper tape and transmit them to the main computer over a blisteringly fast 110 baud dial up connection. Later on, while still in high school, I got an summer job at NASA where I first learned Fortran.

At the University of Maryland (Fear the turtle!), I got my BS degree in Computer Science. I got exposed to a wide variety of languages, including Lisp, PL/UM, SimpleT, COBOL, and lord knows what else. I got to be really good at using punch card machines, a skill that I never used again for the rest of my life. I got work after graduation as a defense contractor doing Fortran development.

The middle years (The ’80s)

I bought my first computer in the 1980s. It was an Apple //e. That was a fine machine with a full 128 kilobytes of bank switched memory. It had an 80 column screen display on a high resolution black and white monitor. It had color graphics. I programmed in Applesoft Basic (from Microsoft) and 6502 assembly language. I played a lot of Wizardry. By the end of the decade I had upgraded to a Mac plus. That machine had a full megabyte of RAM and a tiny black and white display. In my professional life, I made the move to C as a programming language.

The later years (The ’90s)

I bought my first PC in the 90's. I was programming in C on Tandem computers. As part of the Y2K mania, I got involved in developing a PC client program using C++. It was my first exposure to professional PC programming, and my first exposure to object oriented programming. It was a true learning experience. If I knew then what I know now...

The recent years (The 21st Century)

Finally, I get to Java. I got hired to do Java development based on my past C++ experience. As part of a group project at work, we decided to get certified. On December 7, 2001, just 60 years after Pearl Harbor, I got my Java certification. I am currently employed as a Java software developer for a government contracting company. I'm older than nearly every other Java developer I know.


To summarize, I'm a Capricorn who likes long walks in the park, trying exotic cuisines, going to the movies, and travel.