Using loops and control statements to draw lines can lead to many interesting desingns.

  1. Create the design in the left screen capture of Fig 4.21. This design draws lines from the top-left corner, fanning out the lines until they cover the upper-left half of the panel. One approach is to divide the width and height into an equal number of steps (we found 15 steps worked well). The first endpoint of a line will always be in the top-left corner (0,0). The second endpoint can be found by starting at the bottom-left corner and moving up one vertical step and moving right one horizontal step. Draw a line between the two endpoints. Continue moving up and to the right one step to find each successive endpoint. The figure should scale accordingly as you resize the window.
  2. Modify your answer in part (a) to have lines fan out from all four corners, as shown in the right screen capture of Fig 4.21. Lines from opposite corners should intersect along the middle.
Figure 4.21a - Lines fanning from one corner Figure 4.21b - Lines fanning from four corners
Fig 4.21 - Lines fanning from a corner

This might be the hardest exercise you’ll get. It’s very tricky. If you get this one right, you just might have what it takes to become a first rate software developer. If you need some help, click here. The solution will be available here and here after the end of next week’s class.